Qccc Agreement 2019

Qccc Agreement 2019

The QCCC Agreement 2019: What You Need to Know

The QCCC Agreement 2019 refers to the Queensland Catholic Education Commission’s new enterprise bargaining agreement, which was recently negotiated between the commission and the employees it represents. This agreement covers approximately 19,000 employees across 372 Catholic schools and 135 kindergartens in Queensland.

The negotiations for this agreement began in August 2018 and concluded in December 2019, resulting in a new agreement that will remain in place until December 2022. So, what does the QCCC Agreement 2019 include and what does it mean for employees and the Catholic education system in Queensland?

One of the key aspects of this agreement is the focus on addressing workload issues for teachers and support staff. A workload committee will be established to review workload concerns and develop strategies to address them. Additionally, new provisions have been included to allow for flexible work arrangements for employees with caring responsibilities, including parental leave and carer’s leave.

Another significant feature of the QCCC Agreement 2019 is the inclusion of a new pay structure for teachers, which will see a 2.5% annual increase in salaries over the life of the agreement. This increase will be backdated to July 1, 2019, and employees will also receive a one-off payment of $1250 to compensate for the delay in reaching an agreement.

Non-teaching staff will receive a 2.5% pay increase each year for the life of the agreement, with a one-off payment of $1250 also made to compensate for the delay in reaching an agreement. Additionally, casual employees will now be eligible for paid parental leave, and redundancy entitlements have been improved.

Another notable aspect of the QCCC Agreement 2019 is the inclusion of new provisions regarding workplace health and safety. These provisions aim to improve working conditions for employees and ensure that they are not subjected to unnecessary physical or emotional harm. A new bullying and harassment policy has also been developed to address these issues in the workplace.

Overall, the QCCC Agreement 2019 represents a positive step forward for employees and the Catholic education system in Queensland. By addressing workload issues, improving pay and conditions, and focusing on employee wellbeing, this agreement aims to make Catholic schools and kindergartens in Queensland more supportive and rewarding workplaces.